Patient Questionaire

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All questions contained in this questionnaire are strictly confidential and will become part of your medical record.

Please list all prescriptions, vitamins, herbs, and over-the-counter medications that you are currently taking and/or bring your
Medications with you to your appointment.
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Medications Strength Dose How many times a day


(Include prescription, over –the-counter and /or vitamins)
Describe reaction

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to:
What type of reaction did you have:
**Pharmacy Information**
Pharmacy Name:

Have you ever had any of the following symptoms or diseases?:
Seizures :Thyroid Disease:
Tuberculosis:Shortness of Breath:
Asthma:Heart Attack:
Heart Failure:Chest Pain:
Heart Murmur:High Blood Pressure:
Breast Mass/Cyst:Stomach/intestinal ulcers:
Bleeding Disorder:Diabetes:
Bladder Infections:Vaginal Infections:
Kidney Stones:Arthritis:
Blood clots in legs:Hepatitis:
Cancer:Blood in Urine:
Blood in stool:Frequent urination:
Change in stools :Black tarry stools:
Change in weight:Swelling in legs/feet :

Has anyone in your family ever had any of the following diseases? If yes, list their relationship to you:
Uterine Cancer:
Cervical Cancer:
Ovarian Cancer:
Breast Cancer:
Colon Cancer:
Prostate Cancer:
High blood pressure
Is there anything else in your health history that you feel I should know?:

List any surgeries, the date, and hospital where the surgery was performed:

Date Surgery Type Hospital Notes

Review of Symptoms
Ear, Nose & Throat:
Emotional Status:
Gento-Urinary System:
Joints and Muscles:
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What makes it:
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1) Please list the family members or other persons, if any, that we may inform about your general medical condition and your diagnosis:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:

2)Please list the family members or significant other, if any, that we may inform about your medical condition ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:

3)Please print where you would prefer to have your billing statement and/or correspondence from our office sent if other than your home address:
City: State: Zip Code:

4)Please print the name of the person (if other than self) and phone number where you would like to receive phone calls concerning your appointments, labs, radiology results, or other health information if other than your home phone number.
Name: Phone:
Can confidential messages (i.e. appointment reminders) be left on your telephone answering machine?

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According to our Notice of Privacy Practices, we may release your health information, including information about your condition to a family member or friend who is involved in your medical care or who helps you pay for your car. If you would like us to refrain from releasing your health information to a family member or friend, please list the name(s) of who you DO NOT want your private health information released to on the lines below. Remember, in the future, if there are additions to this list, please notify the University Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Clinics staff. This authorization will remain in effect until revoked by you in writing. Thank you.


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Dear Patient,

Welcome to University Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Clinics. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality care available. If you have any questions or concerns, ask and we will do our best to give you a response as quickly as possible.

Also attached are:
a Patient Confidentiality Questionaire for you to tell us who, if anyone, you would like to have access to your confidential records
a Medical History Questionaire for you to tell us about your past and present health
and an Assignment of Benefits form for you to provide us information concerning issures about financial responsibility of your services

Please review and complete all attached forms to the best of your ability and bring with you to your appointment or hand in to front desk.

To avoid scheduling delays and ensure that we can correctly assess your condition, please ask your referring physician to provide us with all necessary medical records, pathology reports and insurance referral forms (if applicable) prior to your appointment.

Again, if at any time you have questions, concerns or problems let us know. We will make every effort to address your situation in the most satisfactory manner as possible.

University Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Clinics