5 Health Tips For the Holiday Season

5 Health Tips For the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Lights adorn the streets, our home and there is a plethora of food, family, and festivity. If you’re looking to stay on track with your eating habits this holiday season we have 5 health tips to keep you from packing on holiday pounds.

Don’t let traveling throw off your routine. Step away from overindulging but take time to enjoy a few small treats this season. Here are 5 health tips to help you eat healthy wherever you may travel this season.

Health tips: #1
Stick to a routine when planning your travel schedule and holiday parties. Keep to your schedule as much as possible, making your meals earlier full of protein, whole grains and veggies, and healthy fats. One important thing to remember is to not skip meals. Skipping a mean doesn’t mean you can eat more at a holiday party. It often leads to excessive hunger and then your healthy eating habits go right out the window. Stay on track as much as possible and don’t worry if you slip up. You can always get right back to it the day after also.

Health tips: #2
Modify your routine when you need to. If you’re finding it impossible to stick to your regular schedule – work around it. If you’re flying out when you have a group exercise class, try going to a different class instead. Use your body weight to keep to an exercise schedule if you happen to be in a hotel or can’t make it to the gym. Not having a gym nearby isn’t an excuse to abandon all your hard work throughout the year.

Health tips: #3
It’s ok to pack your own food. Bring a dish that is packed full of vegetables and lean protein instead of your normal casserole. It’ll help you make better choices, but we guarantee you won’t be the only one to appreciate a healthy dish on the buffet line. Bring healthy snacks that are easily portable, like fruit and nuts or hummus and vegetables. Did you know TSA allows certain foods to go through security? Keep that in mind when packing, and save yourself a few bucks and avoid pricey and unfulfilling airport food.

Health tips: #4
Water is the best gift. Stay hydrated this season and remember to drink lots of water, even before your flight. Have flight attendants fill a reusable water bottle as many times as possible. We should drink at least half our weight in ounces. Need an example? A person weighing 150 lbs. should have at least 75 oz. of water each day. So drink up! It’s good for you.

Health tips: #5
Drink in moderation. Having one or two adult beverages is fine, but keep in mind the more you drink the chances are the more you’ll be tempted to start snacking on sugary foods. Alcohol is also dehydrating and can cause you to make choices you wouldn’t normally. You’ll be less likely to want to work out if you are feeling the effects of too much partying the night before. Alternate your drinks with water or try non-alcoholic options like seltzer and sliced fruit.

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